We are makers like you who care about the state of flow.
So we built Paco.

Writing a beautiful piece of code?
Thinking about the architecture of that new component?
Or going through all the pull requests waiting for our review?

If you think for a living, you intuitively know that the best work happens when you are in a state of flow - deeply immersed in the job at hand. Yet, our work culture involves constant distractions and context switching via tools like Slack. While Slack is a wonderful tool for collaboration, “We’re simply not wired to monitor an ongoing stream of unpredictable communication at the same time that we’re trying to also finish actual work.

With Paco, we are extremely passionate about giving everyone on the team the luxury of doing deep work and maximizing attention capital - their potential to process information into something more valuable.

So, how does Paco’s intelligent Slack app give developers, managers, and CEOs the ability to do more deep work while also not losing out on the advantages of team collaboration? Learn it all here.

Meet the Team


Sumit Suman


Sumit does all the business stuff for Paco

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Nitin Pande


Nitin takes care of product and design for Paco

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Sameer Narang


Sameer is responsible for all the technology and AI driving Paco

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