Let Paco's AI catch your Slack channel @mentions

Add Paco to your Slack channels and get all your important @mention messages delivered in your Paco Inbox

One of the most requested features from our current users is to allow their mentions in the channels to be captured automatically by Paco. Especially when the user is offline.

To make sure that Paco Inbox is not as noisy as Slack's mentions tab, we wanted Paco to only capture mentions that need an action or a follow-up from you. We put in a 2 step filter to ensure that only the most important of things land in your Paco inbox.

Whenever someone mentions you in a channel the following 2 checks happen:

  1. AI check:  Paco first checks whether the message looks like an ask or a request, something that might need your attention. We have trained Paco's AI model with thousands of messages to help it identify important mentions.
  2. Sender confirmation: Once Paco feels that the message looks like an ask, it asks the sender whether they want to add this message to your Paco Inbox. This ensures that the final accountability for giving you an action item rests with the sender.

That's it. As soon as the sender clicks on "Yes, add it", the message gets added to your Paco queue, and a thread will get created in the channel to track updates to the ask.

You can process all of your mentions at your own time - either by using the /paco-track command or by using your Paco Web Inbox.

Go ahead and add Paco to your Slack channels ( /invite @Paco ) and get your mentions delivered to your Paco inbox.

P.S. I would love to hear feedback from you folks on what you think about this feature, and what other features do you want us to pick up next. Email me at nitin AT pacohq.com.

Credits: Cover image from Freepik Storyset