Focus better with Paco in your Slack life.

Maximize the unbroken flow of concentration developers and designers need to create magical products. Have Paco watch Slack for you and your team.

  • Never drop the ball

    Relax your antennas and let Paco sniff out various Slack asks hidden beneath heaps of conversations.

    • Magic mode
    • Tag Paco
    • Add to Paco
  • Delegate follow-ups to Paco

    Free up your mental space by having Paco follow up on open requests, send personal reminders, and more.

    • Daily reminders
    • Nudges
  • Guard your DND mode with Paco

    Have Paco respond and capture important Slack requests on your behalf whenever working in DND mode.

    • Deep work switch (coming soon)
  • Build a bridge with JIRA and GitHub

    Receive consolidated reminders about JIRA issues and GitHub pull requests. Shift product ideas to the development pipeline directly from Slack.

    • JIRA & Github integration (coming soon)