Are you duct taping sheets, slides and boards to onboard your high-value customers? It's time to save your a$$ and time.

Paco is a tool that helps Saas companies create playbooks and execute those (automatically) to get customers to their 'aha' moments faster


You’re using things not designed to
onboard customers or fit your ‘not-so-deep’ pockets

  • Your sheets, boards, & little notebooks are fragmented, and error-prone

    ❌   Multiple versions of ‘how-to-onboard’ floating around. There’s no one ‘best way’ of doing things.

    ❌   Progress of customers is dumped in your head. With other things (buying chips, watering lillies & what not!).

    ❌   Your boards don’t move themselves and can’t trigger automatic nudges to complete the tasks by a customer or your team. Inefficient.

    Tools in the market don’t fit your nimble team & budget

    ❌   They need playbooks to get you started. You don’t have those. Yet.

    ❌   You pay $$$ for features you don’t even need. Pinches when you don’t have endless budget.

    ❌   They’re complicated to get started. Not ideal when you are already trying to train your team on every tiny product feature and release.

How much longer would you let customers go
because of poor onboarding experience?


Poor onboarding is the #1 cause of churn.
You are always in red zone with numbers. Not only your revenue, but your team’s enthusiasm also dies. Eventually!

🎉 Saas companies that use Paco are able to
onboard customers faster and reduce churn.

How Paco helps Saas companies get ‘aha’ moment
for their customers, faster

Playbooks, tools, tracking, collaborations — everything your customer success team needs.

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    Repeatable process with tailored playbooks.

    Build consistent, scalable processes & drive operational efficiency for your team. Save time otherwise spent re-training & re-setting tasks for every new client onboarding.

    We’ll create your playbooks for FREE (valid for first 3 months of signup).

  • Put your playbook into action

    Skip the awkward ‘hey, can you please do this task’ calls.

    Create automatic nudges, check-ins and messages for your customers according to the playbook. Assign tasks to your team & avoid confusion on who’s doing what.

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    Centralized communication

    Ditch multiple apps and notes to keep track of for managing multiple clients.

    Check & respond to ALL your customers from one single dashboard. And move on to other important tasks (like learning how to brew matcha tea!)

  • Beat churn with proactive actions

    Build better customer relationship with reminders & automatic messages to ask for feedback, give feature updates and check-in on onboarding progress.

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    Make collaborations easier

    Create workflows to tag, triage, and assign tasks to different teams.

    Collaborate with all stakeholders from a single place for quicker resolution of any tricky asks.

  • Never drop the ball with visual tracking of progress

    Stay updated with the onboarding progress for each customer with a single visual dashboard.

    Identify customers that need attention and avoid any negligence.


Setting up Paco is easier than
loading slides or stitching up your boards

Signup for Paco & build your baseline playbook.


Setup nudges for your customers & team acc. to the playbook.


Integrate Paco with existing communication channels.