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Put Paco into your workspace for deeper concentration, zero task slippages, and happier remote culture.

Paco - Never miss a thing on Slack — be more calm and productive | Product Hunt

Check out why makers love Paco.

Join thousands of incredible thinkers and builders who know the importance of uninterrupted focus. Experience how Paco brings sanity to the chaos of working remotely and collaborating over Slack.

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    Vikas Gorur Director of Engineering Vikas Gorur paco review company logo

    "Paco is the only app that helped me get rid of that giant anxiety that I might miss something important on Slack."


Keep calm. And Slack with Paco.

  • Tag Paco. Work in peace.

    Add Paco to any Slack channel or DM to sniff out asks, get consolidated reminders, and follow up on open requests.

  • Inform Paco. Update all.

    Click tasks as ‘Done’ in your Paco conversations and automatically update all project stakeholders in corresponding Slack threads!

  • Go DND with Paco as your proxy.

    Attend to DMs and important requests in style when working in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode on Slack. Have Paco take notes and respond on your behalf.

  • Sync Github and JIRA with Paco.

    Use Paco to cut down on switching between Slack and JIRA (or GitHub). Track open issues or pull requests and update stories directly from Slack.

Benefit for MANAGERS

Build a team of achievers with Paco

Save yourself and your team from constant follow-ups and
create a culture of accountability and empathy with Paco in your Slack life.

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    Track every single
    ask with ease

    See every request coming your way to completion with Paco’s assistance, no matter how many they are.

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    pre-JIRA activities

    Bring structure to the nebulous ideation and conceptualization phases of product development.

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    Request once
    and have it done

    Cultivate trust amongst team members and free them from the compulsions of frequent follow-ups on open requests.

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    common blockers

    Get a bird’s eye view of all open asks in your team and identify frequent blockers that slow down your speed.

Benefit for DEVELOPERS

Track less. Do more.

Release yourself from repeated follow-ups, reminders, and updates.
Put Paco on the Slack frontline so you can get things done more peacefully.

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    Improve your focus

    Have Paco gatekeep Slack when you work. Stay focused for longer, deliver quality work, and make fewer mistakes.

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    Get everything DONE

    Let Paco detect tasks assigned to you across Slack conversations and remind you at an appropriate time.

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    Automate follow-ups

    Get Paco to follow up with colleagues on your behalf while you tackle things that need your undivided attention.